This is my best friend but more like a sister, Shelly, and her 3 beautiful daughters, Sophie, Grace, and Liz. The girls have a big brother named Nick and a great Dad named David. David and Shelly are very involved in the kids' lives. They are active in church, sports, hunting, and fishing with tons of friends all around. 

With David and Shelly’s approval, I started having conversations with the girls about Personal Safety and Mindfulness. I wanted them to know the importance of not wearing headphones when walking alone, keeping a safe distance from strangers, carrying themselves with an attitude of confidence out in public, and always knowing about their environment and who is in it.

I wanted them to have the knowledge necessary to avoid dangerous situations and the skills to survive in the event of a threatening encounter.

These girls mean the world to me. I love you my little “Nutcrackers”

Auntie Cyn

I am available to provide a FREE 1 hour training class to Female Jr/Sr High School Students and Female College-Bound Students at NO CHARGE! Our young women need to learn these skills and be prepared when they are away from the safety of home. Firearm Training IS NOT part of this presentation. 

For more information:

Cyn Ladd

Phone: 602-581-7577 or 507-381-9797


Countering the Mass Shooter Threat: A comprehensive playbook for every House of Worship, School, Business, and Family in America.

What We’ve Learned: What factors DO and DO NOT affect the outcome at mass shootings.

Emergency Operations Plans: Developing a detailed EOP, Emergency Operation Plan.

Hardening Up: Knowing how to protect defensively and offensively

Please contact me to discuss your specific situation and to schedule this seminar.

For more information:

Cyn Ladd

Phone: 602-581-7577 or 507-381-9797


Refuse To Be A Victim® is NRA’s award-winning personal safety and crime prevention program. This sought-after seminar teaches participants how to improve their personal safety strategies, techniques/tactics that can be used to help avoid becoming easy victims of crime and heighten your public awareness of what you can and should do to stay safe.

This is a MUST ATTEND course for all females, especially students in Jr High, Sr High, and those who are College bound!


Upcoming class dates will be posted soon.

Cyn Ladd


Please let me know what I can do for you.


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Training available in Minnesota & Arizona

Helm of Awe:

Symbol of power, victory, protection, bravery

It was said to offer physical, spiritual, and mental protection to the warrior who wears it and helps conquer their own fears.

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