Gather your Girlfriends.... Let's learn to shoot! 

Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense 

November 21 9am-12pm Level 1 $70 

November 21 1pm-4pm    Level 2 $70

November 20 9am-12pm  Level 3 $70

January class dates now open for registration

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Level 1 Women's Basic Pistol - Universal Safety Rules. Firearm fundamentals; stance, grip, eye dominance/aiming, breath control & follow through. On the range loading/unloading, trigger control & understanding shot placement.
Level 2 Women's Intermediate Pistol - review of Universal Safety Rules. Revolvers vs Semi-Auto. Types of Ammo. Malfunctions. Holsters. Introduction to personal protection. On the range GAP method introduced, range commands, multiple shots & one-handed shooting. 
Level 3 Women's Defensive Pistol - Defensive Mindset. Voice Commands. Use of Force. Drawing Techniques. On the range drawing from concealment, shooting on the move, multiple targets, reloading & firing from retention.